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"Who Else Wants To Explode Their Sales In The Next Two Years?"

"[Your copy has] been phenomenally successful; developing levels of response that have enabled us to justify mailing over 15 million individuals in the UK in the last 24 months, increasing the company's turnover by 300%"
Steve Freak, MD , Nutri-Health UK Ltd

Dear health business owner,

If your livelihood depends on people buying your natural health products, then I can help you boost your sales, increase your customer base and enjoy greater profits.

I can help you make more money - much more money - from your alternative health promotions. A bold statement? I'm confident because I've done it for others and I know I can do it for you.

As a direct response copywriter I'm only interested in getting the sale. But doing so in a way that makes customers pleased to do business with you.

Look, I couldn't conjure up a slogan to save my life. I wouldn't know how to create a catchphrase. Plays on words? Forget it. What I can do is write copy that people respond to. Isn't that what you want?

It really doesn't matter what type of alternative health product you are selling. There is always some unique quality about it that can be highlighted to launch a potent sales message.

Here's an example of a successul headline and lead I wrote for a company looking for a nutritional supplement copywriter:


WARNING!Don’t even think about taking drugs or going ‘under the knife’ until you read how Prostate symptoms are treated in Europe. And when you do you’ll realise…

"The Ugly Truth Is You Suffer With Your Prostate Because You’re British"

Yet there’s no need to. You can experience the same relief as French, German and Italian men and say goodbye to those embarrassing bladder problems forever.

Being British can be a real handicap when it comes to prostate health.

You see, European doctors come from a different tradition. Sure, they use drugs just like British GP’s, but they don’t feel inhibited when it comes to herbal and nutritional treatments.

If these work as well or even better than drugs; if they are safe, with no unpleasant side effects, they have no hesitation in prescribing them.

In fact, prostate disorders respond so well to natural remedies, that over 90% of doctors in Germany and Italy recommend them. And 81% of prostate patients in France receive a prescription for them.

They do so because they work. They are proven to work, as this special report will demonstrate.

Passion = Compelling Copy

I'm an alternative health copywriter and health supplement copywriter because these are markets I know well. I spent 5 years as a nutrition consultant. I have written 88 newsletters, an ebook and several magazine articles on nutrition and complementary therapies. I also run a local holistic health website.

I'm passionate about nutrition and alternative medicine. It's been the focus of my professional life. It's my favourite pastime. I love reading about it and learning more. It's because of this passion that I'm able to write compelling copy. And that means a more enquiries - a bigger response - increased sales - and greater profits.

I Can Empathise With Your Clients

It's not just my knowledge, commitment and love for natural healing. There's another reason my copywriting reaches people. It's because I can empathise with those who suffer ill health.

You see, not only did I endure a number of symptoms that plagued me over the years, but I've had a life threatening illness too.

I know what it's like to be in the position of people you want to reach. I've been there, yearning to be well, desperately searching for solutions, hoping that maybe I've found the answer, if only I could be convinced.

I was lucky. I did find the answers for myself. I refused poisonous and barbaric conventional 'solutions' and today enjoy excellent health.

I want this for others who haven't found the answer. I want people to discover natural solutions - maybe your natural solutions - to their health problems. I want it for those who are already well and want to stay that way; for older folks keen to turn back the clock and to do so with natural anti-ageing methods - without drugs or surgery.

Whether it's a nutritional supplement, a skin spray, an exercise programme, a course in meditation or hypnotherapy, a yoga system, an electromagnetic device, a health book, a newsletter, a health food; whatever it is, direct response copy can sell it and build your business.

Here's another example  - a sales letter and lead for a health course aimed at business owners to reduce their employees' stress.

"How Much is ‘Employee Stress’ Costing Your Company?"

It’s soon set to soar unless you take specific measures to prevent it!

Dear Mr Smith

Employers like yourself will soon be legally obliged to protect their employees from stress, anxiety and depression. If you don’t, you face criminal prosecution with harsh action and heavy financial penalties (not to mention the bad publicity).

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) believes poor work organisation leads to ill health. And they plan to get tough about it. The new HSE ‘stress code’ comes into force during the next 12 months. Unless you put specific measures in place, you could become an easy target. (I’ll explain shortly how you can easily meet the requirements of the code at no financial cost to yourself.)

      As A Direct Response Natural Health Copywriter & Nutritional Supplement Copywriter, I Do What Works - It's That Simple

My copy works because I stick to tried and tested methods for my clients. I put all notions of smart, prize-winning creativity behind me, after all, it's your money.

Selling directly to consumers is not like other forms of advertising. It has to follow proven techniques. It needs a powerful headline to draw people in. It has to connect with your audience. It has to motivate and inspire them to trust and believe in your product.

I have written promotions that have done this for weight loss, arthritis, joint pain, osteoporosis, blood pressure, asthma, prostate problems, organic health foods and other natural health and dietary products.

I can create direct mail packages including order-generating and lead-generating sales letters, lift notes, order forms, brochures, mail order space ads, copy for websites, email and autoresponder copy, press releases, newsletters, catalogues etc.

So now it's down to you. I don't know what natural health product or service you are selling, but whatever it is, why not give me a call and let's see if we can work together.

So to sum up, if you're looking for a writer that sticks with proven and effective sales methods; if your focus is on sales, not image or winning prizes; if you want copy that will drive money into your bank account, then why not give me a call now on:
07948 432266
or email: Michael@michaelsellar.com

Kindest regards,

Michael Sellar
Natural Health Products Copywriter 
Health, Fitness and Nutrition Copywriter

PS Still unsure? Why not give me a call and let me know what you want to promote. I'll give you the benefit of my experience in a free 10 minute consultation.

Michael Sellar,
Direct Response Copywriter,

Queen's Drive, London N4 2TA UK Tel: 07948 432266