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Direct Response Copywriting

"Over the last two years, Mike Sellar has worked for Nutri-Health as it’s sole copywriter. During that time he has produced numerous mailing pieces which have enabled us to rapidly grow our herbal nutritional products business.

"In particular, his pieces for Proslan, our prostate product, and Flex 2000, our arthritis product, have been phenomenally successful, developing levels of response that have enabled us to justify mailing over 15 million individuals in the UK in the last 24 months, increasing the Company’s turnover by 300%.

"Mike possesses the ability to easily understand a new brief, and is then able to produce a well-refined mailing piece, in a very rapid timeframe, which most importantly works.

"I have no hesitation in recommending Mike to any Company looking to use direct mail to rapidly develop their business."
Steve Freak, Managing Director, Nutri Health UK Ltd

"Thank you for doing such a great job Michael. As you know I was a bit nervous about your approach because it's not what I'd seen anyone else doing. As it turned out you knew exactly what you were doing because I sold out of all my stock. Thanks again for all your help."
Rose Modlin, Rose's Dolls

A website that promotes business owners and health practitioners

"I must say it is the best annual investment that we make"
Michael Sinclair, Director, Sunstonewomen health & fitness club

"Apart from personal recommendations, n16health.com is now our primary source of clients. Long may it and you continue!"
Gina Barker, Practice Manager, The Burma Road Psychotherapy Practice

"Just wanted to tell you that the number of people coming for blood work due to your website has gone mad - well, four appointments booked in the last two weeks or so isn't bad!!!! I'll gladly pay your fee - well done and thanks for your help."
Brina Eidelson, acupuncturist and naturopath

"Thank you for running a fantastic website! n16health has been great for me and my Pilates work."
Helena Suarez, pilates instructor

"Am getting a good number of enquiries via your website and business is booming"
Carole Deighton, life coach

"Many thanks again for all the hits I've had for meditation from n16health. Your web site is proving to be such a live, creative source of promotion for my business. I can't thank you enough!"
Linda Hall, meditation instructor

"Thanks as ever for this brilliant facility. I’m pretty sure most of my new clients are coming from you."
Tony Wren, craniosacral therapy

“I just wanted to let you know that people seem to be visiting N16health quite a lot as most of my patients contacted me after seeing my details on the web. I'm very pleased I joined.”
Veronique Jardy, massage therapist

“It has been a very useful resource and I have gained a number of patients from it.”
Angela Mansfield, acupuncturist

“Response so far has been very good - I have 8 regular new clients as a result. Thank You.
Chris Wing, reflexologist

“I would like to renew - I had three local feng shui jobs so far from the site. One in Stoke Newington, one in Hackney and one in Winchmore Hill. Many thanks!
Sarah McAllister, feng shui practitioner

“I wanted to let you know that when I was advertised on your website I found it a great way of finding clients, or rather them finding me! I think that your website is a fantastic source of information and a great way for N16 therapists to advertise and also for the public to find good qualified professional therapists.”
Becky Smith, reflexologist and massage therapist

“I have certainly found being listed on N16health has been valuable.”
Anna Shepherd, healer and aromatherapist

“I’ve had a number of referrals from the site. Thank you for your work and help.”
Fiona Moore, healer and counsellor


"Michael Sellar has been producing a regular Newsletter for this company for over 10 years. Starting with a basic brief he developed a publication which is both informative and entertaining. The content is well-researched and Michael has over the years produced a steady flow of good new ideas.

"The newsletter has gained an enthusiastic readership amongst our clients and we would certainly recommend his services to any organisation requiring a similar service."
Rodney Girdlestone, Director, Enzyme Process (UK)

Thanks for Enzyme Digest - Still the best newsletter by far!
Kenneth G Green ND. DO. Dhom. (RSA) MGO

Your writing is brilliant. I always look forward to receiving your newsletter.
Mrs Irène Noah, Clinical Ecologist

If you require sales copy, copy for websites, newsletters, email marketing etc. give me a call now on 07948 432266 or email: michael@michaelsellar.com