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Alternative Health Copywriting for Therapists, Coaches & Trainers


If you are looking for website copy that reflects who you are, how you can help people, and - most importantly - guide prospects into becoming your clients, then I can help you achieve your purpose

Dear Therapist,

As a complementary and integrated healthcare practitioner or coach, the service you offer is quite different from most others. Your clients don't want you to mend their leaking tap, fix the tiles on their roof or prepare their accounts. 

Verbally shouting at them on your website that you are the best and the most qualified to give them what they want is not going to work. They certainly don't want to feel under any sort of pressure.

Your clients may spend a good deal of time with you. They may talk to you about things of a very personal and intimate nature. They may be putting their health in your hands, allow you to touch them, put them in a hypnotic state or get them to stretch themselves physically.

You can attract your ideal clients through the written words on your website, emails, newsletters and in personal communication. 

The key to your success in everything you offer, is in helping your prospects connect with you. You do this by letting them know who you are, so they can get to know you and trust you. They want to feel your sincerity; feel that you are a caring person; that you and they are just the right fit.

They want to know what you believe in and what you specialise in. They want to get an impression of your most strongly held core values. This attracts like-minded people and helps you bond with kindred spirits.

You Must Stand Out From The Crowd

The reality is that in a very overcrowded market place you have to stand out.  You need to find your unique selling point; the qualities that make you different.

On your webpage or leaflets you need to capture the visitor's attention immediately, grab their interest and make a good first impression. Your writing has to flow naturally, easily and comfortably from start to finish. You need to establish your own unique personality and inspire people into believing in you enough to want to make use of your services.

Why Me?

The reason I can help you is that I've spent over 20 years working in natural health. I started off as an advisor within several nutritional supplement stores, then I worked as a natural health consultant using nutritional and complex homeopathic remedies. I've been a writer and lecturer on nutrition and complementary therapies. I already promote the work of 47 therapists from acupuncture to yoga in my local community through one of my websites. In other words I know the holistic health movement very well and I've been a health writer since 1992.

If I am to to create effective copy for you, I will need to know a good deal about you.  A telephone conversation might be all that I need to create the kind of image you want to portray to the world. However in the first instance it would be best if I had some information about you and your work, so please email me and I will provide a list of questions for you to consider before we talk.

Best wishes,


If you need website copy or brochures, leaflets, emails written for you give me a call now on 07948 432266 or email: Michael@michaelsellar.com