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Regular email communication to your list is vital. Trouble is, after people have signed up, it isn't long before they are no longer bothering to read your communications.

The truth is that we are so bombarded with emails that most are ignored. Unless you have a compelling subject line and a story of real interest to tell, then you might as well not bother.

Here are some examples of the first 2 sequences of autoresponder messages that were sent out at regular intervals for a website selling a health book.

The headlines in red are the email subject lines. Ask your self whether you would open them. If the answer is yes, then why not get in touch and let me write yours.

Why You Must Avoid These Government Health Recommendations

Ernest Hemingway said "The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in, shock-proof, bullshit detector." This is also true when it comes to health advice, especially when it’s dished out from the Government. Although they have a deplorable track record, that doesn’t stop them lecturing to us at every opportunity.

For decades they implore us to lose weight by cutting down on fat. After all, a gram of fat supplies nine calories whereas protein and carbohydrate supply only four each. It’s so simple. The result? an epidemic of obesity.

Cut down on cholesterol-containing foods they exclaim. Cholesterol is found in animal foods. Cholesterol is found in the arteries. Therefore animal foods cause heart disease. It’s so simple. But heart disease continues apace as meat and dairy foods are looked on with disfavour. So people discard highly nutritious eggs for a pot noodle and think they’re doing themselves proud. They switch from natural butter to processed and trans-fat-laden margarine and actually believe they’re improving their health.

They portray salt, an essential nutrient, as a killer. They want to force-feed us a toxic waste product - fluoride - in our water supply. They implore us to drown ourselves in sunscreen in case we get exposed to direct sunlight while ignoring the life saving benefits of sunlight exposure. They tell us to shrink our hearts and lungs with excessive aerobic exercise, a sure way to shorten our lives.

If only policymakers would admit they have little idea how the human body works. If they would only accept this, each message could have a health warning preceding it. How about “Health Warnings Kill”? Or “Although we have little idea how the body functions, we would like you to consider making the following changes on the basis of admittedly imperfect and highly dubious information.”

At least that way we could ignore anything they have to say and get on with our lives in peace.

In the months ahead we’ll look in more detail at conventional health advice. We’ll see what you should really be doing to lower your blood pressure and improve your general health.

Next month, saturated fat, is it really the enemy?

Is Saturated Fat Your Enemy or Is It Really Your Best Friend?

Saturated fat causes heart disease. This is the conventional wisdom. But is it true?

Most studies can’t find any significant association between eating fat and risk of heart disease. And those who have made the effort to cut back on saturated fat, are rewarded with no reduction in disease risk.

But saturated fat contains cholesterol. Cholesterol clogs up the arteries. This causes heart disease.

Fortunately the body is intelligent. It doesn’t work that way. No one has ever been shown to live longer by cutting back on saturated fat.

From the year dot we’ve eaten saturated fat. Our bodies recognise it. It’s not the enemy. If your body is dumping cholesterol in the arteries, there’s a good reason for it.

Cholesterol is used for repairing arteries.

Lesions in the arteries have to be fixed. Cholesterol is a waxy substance and is ideal for the job. But your body doesn’t use only cholesterol. It fixes arteries with calcium. Why aren’t we told to avoid all foods containing calcium? It also uses various fat/protein molecules, waste deposits, and immune cells. Together it’s called plaque.

Plaque narrows the arteries. This pushes up blood pressure and puts us at risk of heart attack and stroke, so it needs to be stopped.

But what causes lesions in the arteries? That’s the big question. And we’ll answer that next month.

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